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The Omnichord OM-84 or ‘System Two’, is the second iteration of the Omnichord series introduced by Suzuki during the mid ‘80s. 

An often overlooked feature is the built-in drums, a no-frills, simplistic, tour de force of lo-fi charm. Multi-sampled to 1/4” mastering tape through a V76 Preamplifier, this pack contains all 10 loops, at 5 tempos, with one-shot samples and a sampler preset for Maschine.

- 24bit WAV’s, organised into clear, easy-use folders.

- All 10 loops, at 5 tempos.

- 11 one-shot samples with sampler preset.

- Recorded to 1/4" mastering tape, through a V76 Preamplifier.

- No additional processing - all sounds faithful to the hardware.


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